Alchemy of Souls Star Hwang Min-hyun Shares Again MV, Gives Seo Yul Vibes That We’ve Missed!

'Alchemy of Souls' Stills

There is no doubt that Alchemy of Souls occupies a special place in our hearts, and Hwang Min-hyun’s character Seo Yul is the character for whom our heart is forever in pain. After the season finale, that special place has been empty and this wait is too long, so when the actor/singer drops his Again music video, there is no way we can stay calm.

Earlier today, Hwang Min-hyun once again stole our hearts with his dream-like music video in which he shows off his charms as a singer and also as the Seo Yul we all fell in love with. His charming looks at a cottage in the middle of a forest gave us the serene vibes that we’ve come to love.

The lyrics are directed toward an ex-lover that the singer is unable to forget, and when sung by Hwang Min-hyun’s mesmerising voice, it just gets even more beautiful.

This is the former NU’EST member’s first solo track after the group’s disbandment and this track is part of the ongoing Votiz music project. The ballad track really pulls the strings of your heart and the words “On the day I see you again / The words I have to tell you / I never stopped loving you / Not for a single day” will make you feel the pain you had once felt in the show.

The Votiz music project is an ongoing project by composer and vocal trainer Seo Joon-sik which is a series of special collaborations between singers and songwriters. Again, sung by Hwang Min-hyun and written by Colde is the third release of this project after Hurt sung by EXO’s Baekhyun and Seo Moon-tak written by MGR, followed by Prayer sung by Onestar and Lee Hyuk and written by EXO’s Chanyeol.

Votiz music project is definitely something to look forward to, and so is the solo studio album by another NU’EST member Baekho who spoke about his plans back in June this year.

Also, as we wait for Alchemy of Souls season 2 and see the return of this wonderful actor, let us get mesmerised by this song once again.

Watch Hwang Min-hyun’s Again Music Video



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